Sunday, 21 February 2016

Learning by twittering

We cannot argue that new technologies have made our life easier in many different ways. Nowadays, for example, we are all connected 24/7 and within a click distance, we can communicate with whoever we want, no matter how far away they are from us.

In the field of education, new technologies have also made a great impact. Today, we have far more learning resources that we did in the past and they are also easier to access. Furthermore, the fact that the Information and Communication Technologies facilitate the communication between people from different parts of the world, enables us to talk with a wide variety of professionals in our field of knowledge and to exchange information and experiences with them. An example of these kinds of new resources would be Twitter.

Twitter is an online social network that allows users to post short messages and share them with their "followers". Users can "follow" any other registered user in order to keep updated about their latest news. Through Twitter I've learnt about different teaching methodologies, resources or activities that I have later applied in my projects for the Masters or during my traineeship at a bilingual school. Besides, it has also allowed me to get in contact with expert teachers on CLIL, something that has broaden my knowledge on this approach, which is the one in which my Masters is mainly based on.

Without further ado, here's the link to my twitter account, in case you want to follow me there and learn with me about CLIL and teaching in general.

Have a look at my first tweet too, in which I give you a brief definition of CLIL.

Hope you like it and follow me!

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