Monday, 29 February 2016

My board on Pinterest

Hello again and happy leap year day everybody!

As you already know, my classmates and I created a common board on Pinterest for our ICT class in the Masters. What you don't know is that, after that, we were asked to create our own personal board where we had to post the resources that we liked the most from this common bank, or found that could be of more use for our future CLIL projects. 

I must confess here, before all of you, that I have had a Pinterest account for ages now but I never really appreciated its use. In fact, I thought it was just a tool to find ideas and resources for making crafts.Now, in contrast, not only do I know that Pinterest is way more than that, but I also wouldn't know what to do without it! 

Why has Pinterest become so important to me? Well, you see, as I told you in one of my latest posts, I think it is very positive for us, as teachers to share our ideas, resources and experiences with one another, since this enhances our teaching practice enormously. This webtool allows you to do so while it provides you with the opportunity to organize your own resources, as you can keep all of them in one place. Isn't that great? 

So, to lead by example, here is the link to my own personal board in Pinterest: I know that at the moment it only contains 12 resources but I hope you find them useful. I promise to keep it up and to continue finding more and more useful tips and materials for CLIL! 

I will keep you posted! 

P.S: Don't forget to leave a comment and give me your opinion about my board on Pinterest! 

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