Saturday, 12 March 2016

Evaluating previous years' CLIL e-projects

Good afternoon everybody!
After some busy days working on other subjects of the Masters, here I am again, with a new ICTs' challenge. 
This time, we had to choose over a list of our previous years colleagues' CLIL e-projects, one to evaluate. To do so, we were provided with a couple of rubrics that guided us through the aspects that we had to pay special attention to in these projects. You can have a look at them here and here
As for me, I chose to do my evaluation about the following e-book:

I chose this project to do my evaluation  about because, after having had a look at some others from the list supplied by our teacher, this was the one that caught my attention the most. Not only becuase of its design, which is simple but eye-catching at the same time, but also because it deals with a topic that I believe can gives us scope to prepare a wide variety of activites, as well as to work with different resources.
Once we had assessed such e-project, we were supposed to make a presentation of the results of our evaluation. For that end, I used a webtool named "Genially". The main reason why I chose is because it offers a great number of resources to make presentations look different, attractive and engaging. 
Generally speaking, I think is a great tool and I totally recommend it. However, I did find some difficulties once I started working with it. I guess you just need to get used to the way it works!
Without further ado, click here to have a look at my evaluation: 


I hope you like it and leave some comments!

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