Monday, 18 April 2016


Hello everybody!

Are you ready to hear all about my new ICT challenge as part of the group made by AnaVictorInmaLolaNatalia and myself? Then sit back and enjoy because I bet you will love it! 

For this challenge, we had to share our knowledge on CLIL,together with the rest of our classmates, in a live event that took place on the 7th of April: a Choco-talk. Have you ever heard of these kinds of events? In case you haven't, just click here and I'm sure you will find all the information you need to become an expert on them. 

To take part in this talk, the first thing we had to do was to assign the roles that each of the members in our groups were going to carry out. In the case of my group, Victor and I were going to be in charge of disseminating information about our talk in the social networks (twitter, facebook...)before, during and after it. Inma and Lola, on the other hand, were in charge of joining in and talking on behalf of the whole team, and finally, Ana and Natalia were chosen as "the curators", whose main mission was to summarize all the information given and any other interesting facts happening at the talk.

As you can imagine, at first we felt nervious and kind of insecure about this talk since, as students, we still have a long way to go in what concerns CLIL methodology, and also because our talk was going to be available in Youtube and Google+, which meant that it could be watched by many people. However, once it started, all that insecurity vanished and our speakers sounded like real experts in CLIL! 

As for me, I must say that I really enjoyed my role as a disseminator, even though it was a bit stressfull at times as it was quite difficult to tweet and keep up with what was going on in our Choco-talk at the same time. Nevertheless, I managed to do it, and within the blink of an eye, our talk was over! Do you want to know what I had to say about it? Just click on the image on the right and you will be redirected to my twitter account. 

Also, if you want more information about what happened within our Choco-talk, take a look below and read the summary made by the curators in our group. There you will also find the recording of our talk in case you want to watch it. Fantastic job girls!

I hope you enjoyed learning about our Choco-talk and, once again, thank you for reading.

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