Sunday, 24 April 2016

Reading is dreaming with open eyes

Hello there everyone!

As I guess all of you know, yesterday was the World Book and Copyright Day. So, as a tribute to such a wonderful event, for our new ICT challenge we had to tell the world, in a very special way, the kind of readers that we are. 

To that end, we were asked to create a collage that would summarize ourselves as readers, and a video in which we talked about the features that defined us as readers and the kinds of books that we liked the most. Do you want to know how I made mine? Just keep reading to know all about it and to see the final results.  

First of all, I decided to use Piktochart for the creation of my collage. The main reason why I chose this tool was because my experiences with it in the past challenges have been quite positive and I absolutely loved the results. They were so eye-catching! 

So here you are my new creation with this amazing tool. As you can see from it, I am a suspense lover and, consequently, mystery books are my favourite! 

For the making of my video, on the other hand, I used several tools. First of all, I recorded my voice here, in a webpage created to that end. Then, I used the famous tool "Audacity"  to join, as a single audio track, the audio with my voice and the one with the music I had selected for my video. 

Lastly, I used "MovieMaker" to put all of it together and make my video. I must admit that I wasn't going to use this tool initially. At first, I tried to make my video with an online tool called Kizoa, as I had seen some of my classmates recommending it in their blogs. However, after having spent many hours trying to figure out how it worked, I finally decided to use MovieMaker, which in my opinion is really easy to use and gives just as great results, as you can see in my video here: 

Once we had our collage and our video ready, we had to upload them to "Aurasma" in order to join them together and turn them into a "trigger image", or what is the same, a "real world" image. It sounds quite complicated, doesn't it? Don't worry! you will understand everything with this wonderful tutorial that some of my classmates did about this tool. This tutorial helped me a lot throughout this "World Book Day" challenge, and I bet it will help you to understand everything about it too. You can also find it in my classmate Álvaro's blog.


As you were able to see in this tutorial, Aurasma is an augmented reality platform which allows users to create "real world images". Just by downloading its app to your phone and by scanning these trigger images with your camera, you will be able to enjoy watching videos in a whole different way! 

In my opinion, this is a great tool to use in the classroom as our students will definitely love it. However, I must admit that I had some problems with it at the beginning. First of all, I could not download its app to my phone because it required me to have iOS 8 installed, which is no longer available for my phone, an Iphone 4. Besides, I also found some problems when uploading my video, as its extension was not compatible with this tool, which meant that I had to change my video's extension from .wmv to .mp4 so that it could finally be uploaded.

Nevertheless, and despite all the trouble, I love the final result. Do you want to see it? Just download the Aurasma app to your mobile phone and scan the trigger image that you can see below. Isn't it great?

Another important aspect about this challenge that I need to tell you about is that our teacher, Mª Jesús, created a new board on pinterest (remember we already had this one for sharing resources on CLIL) for my classmates and I to share our final outcomes on this World Book Day challenge. Do you want to know what my peers have to say about their favourite books? Just click here and I'm sure you will find out about wonderful new stories to read.  

Thank you for reading,

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  1. How can I follow you at Aurasma? Do you have a public channel? I am afraid I cannot unveil the augmented reality out of your trigger image if the name of the publich channel is not provided in your post.
    Best regards